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    Wayne Green is a valley resident who has been practicing law for more than 30 years and personal injury for more than 20 years. He knows how to get you the compensation you deserve.

    Wayne Green, Attorney at Law focuses his practice on automobile crash cases, truck crash cases, dog bites, premises liability cases, and other cases where people are injured due to some other person or business’s negligence or bad behavior. He brings his years of experience with such matters to the table to help injured persons get just results. Please contact our office. Your case is important to you and to us.

    At our law firm, we believe accidents are preventable and you shouldn’t pay for someone else’s negligence. You should be paid for it.

    When you’re looking for trusted representation to secure a payout for your personal injury claims, call Wayne Green, your Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer. He will provide the aggressive legal representation you need when you’re up against an insurance adjuster. He won’t allow you to be exploited, because with his decades of experience as a Fresno injury attorney, he knows what you deserve to carry on with a life worth living.
    With our Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer, it starts with a free consultation and ends with a fair settlement. We don’t charge any upfront fees. In fact, we don’t charge anything for your case unless we secure your compensation.

    As a local firm, we know the ins and outs of insurance company strategies of California. Even if we decide not to pursue your case, we will protect your time and guide you in fighting for what’s fair. Come in for a free assessment of your financial and emotional damages. Should we choose to take you on a client, we can help calculate a reasonable settlement for your loss. Our Fresno law firm has decades of experience in personal injury lawsuits, and we have secured millions for accident cases ranging from car accidents to wrongful death.

    Wayne Green is your Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer and is available 24/7. If you are an injury victim, let us help you recover compensation!

    Fresno Personal Injury Insurance Claims Process

    If you have suffered serious injury due to someone else’s carelessness, you may be a candidate for a personal injury lawsuit.

    Don’t be afraid to take action. If you’re unsure how to start or what to expect during the claims process, our personal injury lawyers can get you quickly acquainted with the stages of a personal injury claim:

    You seek a Fresno personal injury attorney.

    You and your personal injury attorney will build your case by consulting accident reconstruction experts and gathering witness testimony, police reports, doctor bills for any medical attention received, and all other necessary proof of injury.

    Settlement negotiations begin.

    If a settlement is not reached, court proceedings are filed.​

    During the claims process, do not speak to an insurance adjuster before consulting a skilled attorney. Insurance companies will attempt to diminish your payout by getting you to accept blame or downplay your injuries. With Wayne Green, your Fresno Personal Injury Lawyer, we offer free initial consultations so you can speak to an experienced attorney at no risk.​

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