Philip Lam

    Singapore Divorce Lawyer

    Mr Philip Lam
    I have been practicing law for more than 25 years (since 1990).

    Before that, I studied at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and I graduated with Second Class Upper Honours, Bachelor of Laws.

    After that, I worked at Drew & Napier for 8 years before striking out on my own with two partners. In 2005, I started Lam & Co.

    My focus is on getting my clients what they want, as smoothly as possible. To achieve this, I am always very open with my clients, they can always get me on the phone (unless I am in a meeting, in Court or out of the office) and I always return their calls after I finish with my meeting or Court attendance, etc. I also let them know as early as possible the Judge’s requirements. In this way, they are fully prepared when the Court Hearing comes.

    I have helped many clients over the years. Once, I had a client who wanted to take care of both the children but her spouse wanted one of the two children in order to apply for his own HDB flat. Initially, the spouse did not even care which of the two children went with him. Ultimately, after my input, the parties managed to amicably settle between themselves and I managed to get for them a comparatively rare type of Court Order: both parents to have “joint care and control” over both children who are to remain together and spend 4 days with one parent and 3 days with the other parent. This enabled my client to look after and monitor both children and also allowed both parents to apply for separate HDB flats. I have since managed to get this comparatively rare type of Court Order for at least another two other clients.

    I feel that if my client believes in her heart that there is no future in the marriage, generally, my client should bring it to an end as smoothly as possible. This is vital in order for my client to get on with (and truly enjoy) the rest of her life.

    A significant number of my clients are international (non-Singapore) clients and my familiarity with international aspects of Singapore divorce law have been a great help to them.

    I am deeply gratified every time I see how happy my clients are to receive their Final Judgment (Divorce). This is a new beginning for them and it is like a big load has lifted from their shoulders.

    However, if the client has any doubt about whether the marriage can be salvaged, I always encourage them to try to save their marriage. On behalf of clients who wish to reconcile with their spouses, we do write to the other side to propose counseling in order to identify the underlying sources of friction so that they can be addressed.

    Another big source of pride and gratification is the numerous and very generous thanks, praise and words of gratitude which I have received from my clients over the years.

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