Chun Yee joined Kalidass Law Corporation in 2018 as an Associate Director. He is well-versed in criminal litigation, having been a Deputy Public Prosecutor in the Criminal Justice Division of the Attorney General’s Chambers for 5 years. He had then joined private practice in a reputable mid-sized local firm, gaining some valuable experience in civil litigation and arbitration.

    A fierce advocate, Chun Yee’s experience as a criminal litigator includes numerous trials in both the High Court and State Courts, including capital cases for murder and drug offences. He has also honed his oral and written advocacy skills at the appellate level with various Magistrate’s Appeals.

    Reported judgements:

    PP v Lim See Yong [2017] SGDC 135
    PP v Neo Keng Hua [2017] SGMC 13
    PP v Chan Lie Sian [2017] SGHC 205
    PP v Minjoot Sabestian Bernett [2017] SGDC 43
    PP v Ang Zhu Ci Joshua [2016] SGMC 2
    PP v Toh Eng Puey [2016] SGDC 99
    PP v Fajri Bin Buang [2016] SGDC 148
    PP v Balahrisknan s/o Kuppusamy [2016] SGDC 76
    PP v Sivarajan s/o Darmarajan [2016] SGDC 323
    PP v Ho Lian Wah [2016] SGDC 143
    PP v Selvakumaran s/o Singaram [2015] SGDC 78
    PP v Omar Bin Osman [2015] SGDC 67
    PP v Adith s/o Sarvotham [2014] 3 SLR 649
    PP v Brendan Jeremiah Aw [2014] SGDC 384
    PP v Mohamed Fadzil Bin Hashim [2014] SGDC 68
    PP v Mohd Hamdan Bin Ahmad [2014] SGDC 139
    PP v Joel Jonathan Selvanathan [2013] SGDC 257

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