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    Lee Shergill LLP

    With her strong foundation, Lee Shergill LLP continues to push the boundaries to achieve successful outcomes for claimants. Whether it is taking on insurers in complex injury claims, large corporations and employers for workplace injuries, or pushing for compensation in seemingly hopeless cases, e.g. where policy coverage is declined, we take on the David and Goliath battles so our clients can be assured they have the support they need in spite of their personal circumstances.

    Lee Shergill LLP has also been making strides in the area of medical negligence with several of its cases featured in the major local media and newspapers. With resources and expertise from leading medical professionals and industry experts, our growing medical negligence practice and unblemished track record speak of roots firmly that have been planted in this area.

    We regularly represent clients in other widespread areas of general litigation as well covering contract, tort, matrimonial and probate law, occupier’s liability in relation to dangers in the premises, product liability and intentional torts such as trespass to the person, ensuring the same standard of excellence in all the cases we undertake.

    • Traffic Accidents
    • Personal Injury
    • Insurance Law & Coverage
    • Medical Negligence
    • Family Law & Probate and Wills
    • Contract Law & Deeds of Agreement
    • Employment Matters
    • Others
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