Integro Law Chambers LLC

    Niche Family Law Practice

    Integro is a niche family law practice. We specialise in matrimonial matters, divorce, child custody, matrimonial assets divisions, and child and spousal maintenance.

    We are a unique full-service firm that offers expert meditation, litigation, and counselling services. This is to meet our clients’ complex and changing needs at different stages of their journey, towards reconciliation or the ending of marriage, and post-divorce where necessary.

    We provide an honest and compassionate environment to help parties resolve their disputes in the most practical, cost-effective, and sustainable way. Our goal is to help parties safeguard their interests and, in particular, the long-term well being of their children, if any.

    We have extensive experience and networks to provide clients with the best advice and support. We are familiar with key players in the family law sector, and are up-to-date on trends in how family justice is being administered, public policies and support programmes for children and couple in difficult family circumstances.

    Integro promotes mediation and conciliation as the first avenue for conflict resolution for couples and families, before divorce and other legal actions are contemplated. This way, the entire divorce can potentially be granted administratively without the need for any court attendance.

    We also offer mediation services after legal action has been taken e.g. when parties have filed for divorce and/or have retained lawyers to represent them for any dispute. Parties, with their lawyers, may wish to engage a neutral mediator to resolve conflicts between the two sides.

    We have broad competency and experience in dispute settlement via mediation. Thus, we are also able to provide mediation services in key areas, including corporate and family business, employment, healthcare, and group/community disputes.

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